Vintage Quotes for Successful Living
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Vintage Quotes for Successful Living


Interventions on emotional issues are not readily available in Nigeria. To me, nothing beats the views of men and women from all walks of life bringing to bear their experience.
  • Discover the roots of your problems
  • Achieve happiness within you
  • When you touch the dust, try not to write in it
  • When you stumble, make a genuine effort to find balance again



If wisdom came so easily to all, our time of being would not be so crisis-prone. Clearly, the life of man on earth is truly warfare. But it is battle waged by applying giftings which interestingly are generously deposited in different people by the creator. Technology such as social media has enabled aggregation of wisdom nuggets possible. Oby Chukwuneta found Facebook a place to face many demons that torture existence with both wisdom nuggets of sages and the simple words of a caring heart.


In a sunny compilation that smells like a bouquet of a thousand flowers, the wise words dispensed on the internet come alive and can serve as a companion for living in a challenging world. Fascinating that so much good is available through a medium much blamed to be a terrain of the unsavory.


Working through the Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL) to help young people find the leader in themselves makes true the Stephen R Covey claim that habits of the right values make for effectiveness. These Facebook wisdom packs should be tools of practice for habit building that make for effective happy lives.


— Pat Utomi