Emotional Issues
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Emotional Issues

Emotional Issues

”No matter what life throws at you, your instinct to lean towards the light and not succumb to darkness is undented. That instinct is a gift from God. It is what will lead you out of the depression caused by a loss. Cherish the memory of your deceased loved one and channel it into charitable projects. Create beauty from ashes.” – Tundun Abiola


” Counting your blessings can give you a reason to put your pain aside and find happiness. Write them down, recite them every day and praise God as you recite. Focus on the positive things in your life… It will help you move on.” – Roz Ben-Okagbue


” Most importantly, do not ever blame yourself for what happened to you. It’s beyond your control. What is within your control right now is getting stronger and healing your emotions.” – Robert Ngwu


”In fighting certain emotional battles…you have to make VERY conscious decisions. Don’t yield to every emotion that threatens to break you; otherwise, you will remain down when you should be up. Every now and then (though)…you will be human and yield to an emotion of the moment. But to a large extent…make efforts to CONTROL how much of such brings you to your knees.” – Chukwuneta Oby.


”Self-forgiveness and Restitution is one good way to come out of the burden of guilt but most important is SALVATION of soul through genuine repentance.” – David Ejeagba


” Once you have had counseling, the rest is up to you. Even if you still need more… ultimately the path to healing must be determined by you.” – Roz Ben-Okagbue


” Taking responsibility for your action is a good place to start the journey of healing. I think the best way to lead is to understand the kind of emotion we have.” – Ekwem  Bizmarck Chinedu


”It is not everyone that is physically healthy that can boast of a wholesome emotion.” – Chukwuneta Oby.


”De-cluttering (as a form of escapism) really helps. A lot of us swim in needless stuff…blocking ventilation, catching dust, affecting the psyche unknowingly-If we must escape, we must escape clean” – Ebomah Peter.


” Pick yourself together and dust yourself off the debris of a sad memory. Life goes on. Look up, tomorrow is far brighter than yesterday.” – Chuks ManDore


“Sometimes we take ourselves too serious not even to accommodate mistakes and that’s very pathetic. Your concern should be the lessons derived from every scenario. Majorly…that you are a human and can make mistakes.” – Damian Whizkid Okey-Nweke


‘’One should strive to build enough self-esteem to not be controlled emotionally by the thoughts and words of others …for our emotions control us more than we realize.” – Cecilia Udeagbala


” When you work with PROFESSIONAL therapists…let them do their job. Be patient with the process. Keep an open mind and yield totally to their guidance. Don’t go telling them what YOU think will make you alright.” – Chukwuneta Oby.


” Only time and God can heal the pain of losing someone who has passed. The loss of a child is a pain that stays with you forever, You just have to learn to live with it and lock it away in a secret place so that it does not consume your life.” – Roz Ben-Okagbue


” The reality of life is… anybody can die, though a painful reality, yet it is the most liberating truth at any time when one is bereaved of a loved one. Take in this hard fact.” – Tunde Adeyi Olawuyi


” Sometimes, pray for yourself. Yes, you can do it. A simple prayer from a broken and contrite heart…God will never forsake.” – Canon Geoffrey Anayor-Dike Ewulum




”When you are not mindful of the ‘outlet’ you choose at your troubled moments…you might run yourself into something more complex than what you are running away from.” – Chukwuneta Oby


” Don’t be desperate but pray for love and happiness. Your dark days are behind you, only good things will happen from here on. Believe that and so it will be.” – Roz Ben-Okagbue


‘’ After walking through hell and coming out sane, can anything really stop you?  – Moses Okechukwu


‘’The reality of life is such that nobody is OK all the time. Certain situations of life ‘can’ and ‘should’ stress anybody and being affected by such issues hasn’t spelt madness for anybody (and your enemies are not after you), yet…it’s nature’s way of telling you that you need to talk to somebody, that you need help…and getting yourself to recognize this shows that you are still in control of your issues.” – Chukwuneta Oby

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