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”Africa is under-developed to a large extent because people keep looking up to one rich uncle or aunt to assist once they are faced with a challenge. There is nothing wrong with assisting, however, where initiative is stifled because you have a relative to depend on, then it becomes retrogressive to all parties concerned.” – O’Kes Okorho


” It’s high time the very rich in our society understood the concept of Charity. Africans need to invest in developing their people. Rather than leave wealth that will destroy your children. We can’t continue to rely on the white man to help the mostly African poor when we have the super-rich amongst us who are only interested in their children.” – Obiageli Oraka-Oifoghe


”Nah….I can never blame ‘Oyibo’ for beginning to shut her door. It does get overwhelming extending ‘handouts’ to someone who isn’t willing to stand on her feet and take care of her own…that is what the situation in most African countries portends. Yet, Africa has enough to take care of her own but for unmitigated corruption. I sincerely hope our leaders take stock but most importantly…that the rest of us realize that we can’t keep running away from corruption and gross ineptitude (in governance). The power to say ‘enough is enough’ still lies with the people!” – Chukwuneta Oby.


”The real bullies of society are those who did not really work for their wealth.” – McIntosh Chimeziri


”Something is not right when a paid government official flaunts wealth in the face of the impoverished.” – Sam Ogabidu


”I don’t know but there is something about Nigerian politicians… once they get in there, their arrogance increases.” – Nick N Nwuda


”Hard to find ‘humble rich Naija person’- male or female” – Kene Ezeike


”We are just a people that have refused to improve with the times. Quick to copy the western world in a lot of things but have never been able to copy their DECENCY in civil matters.” – Chukwuneta Oby.


”Rich men give. The kind of rich men I’m talking about are fine with whatever they can give and somehow you’ll know they’re trying to be part of your solution. Nigeria is full of fake big men.” – Kachi Eluigwe


”Whoever that is destined to help you reach ‘the next level’ in life, should meet you making some efforts.” – Chukwuneta Oby.


”Don’t spend so much giving comfort to people when your own future is not secured.” – Sylvia Uloaku


”Do your best for people but also remember that you are not God who solves all problems.” – Obiageli Oraka- Oifoghe


”The important thing is doing ‘kindness’… where your heart desires it.” – Damian Whizkid Okey-Nweke


”Some People who are extremely nice tend to think that they own your life while forgetting that God may have used them to fill the gap.” – Ikenna Elkino Anya


‘’People have tendencies to insult you when you begin to live off them whether partially or totally.” – Ogwa Sim


”Some people’s charity begins outside the home, I am talking about women who respectfully ‘sir’ every man out there but treat a spouse like dirt. Men who turn out the best-boss, friend, neighbour, lover and ‘the best this and that’ to outsiders…while the woman he has at home cries herself to sleep daily.” – Chukwuneta Oby.


”What you can’t give me when I am alive, don’t try showing off’ with when I am gone because it’s of no use.” – Cynthia Valerian Raphaels


”Let the living live in a befitting home, be well fed, given medical care when alive and shown quality love. When dead, bury. If actually anything befitting is to be done, create another life by establishing trust funds for the living in the deceased’s name.” – Joe Ibekwe


“It is in most cases foolhardy to start the renovation of houses for sole purpose of a burial when the deceased never lived in a decent house.” – Chris Ezenwelu


”Anyone who can give a grand burial can still afford extra for charity, except if the willingness is not there.” – Obiageli Oraka-Oifoghe


”The dead does not even know how he/she is buried, but the living knows how he/she is suffering from lack. It is eternally blessed to attend to the living first and thereafter do the needful for the dead.” – Kehinde Oduniyi


”As a matter of policy learn to believe in your potentials and put your trust in God and not on any human being unless you are ready to take the insults that come with depending on mortals.” – O’Kes Okorho

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